What do you offer in Spinon ? 

We offer a facilitated community of people who practice their skills in building new projects and products based on digital membership. 

Is there any eligibility criteria for Spinon ? 

All you need is a computer with internet access for teleconference software, your time and your interest. English is the default language so minimum proficiency in written and speaking is a must. 

Is there a tuition fee ? Do you offer any scholarships ?

We don`t have a tuition fee. Entry level membership is free. We have a monthly membership fee based on the offerings of the track you have joined. Check our membership fee structure here. We don`t offer scholarships but your track may be sponsored and offer fellowships for participants.

Is Spinon a Massive Open Online Course ? 

No, we dont offer or own online course content. Spinon is a place where you practice the things you learned online or offline. We turn your learning goals into projects and help you in the process of completion.  

How long does a cohort take ? What is the minimum level of commitment expectation ? 

A cohort typically takes 6-8 weeks. Ongoing programmes will have cycles of cohorts. Every cohort will take minimum 2 days of your time commitment per week.

Is there geographic limitation ? What is the default language of communication ? 

No, we don't have a geographic limitation although we recommend cohorts to take timezone limitation into account. Default language is English.

No, Spinon is programme is held online.

Does the programme end after cohort ends ? Do you offer diplomas or certifications ? 

No, you can continue the next cycle of cohorts. We do not offer of certificate of completion or diploma. Your reward is the end of product or project you have managed to complete. We have partnerships with other programme where you can take your project or product to the next model.

Is Spinon Programme held at a physical location ?