Practice Your Knowledge.

Track Your Growth.

Create Impact.

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If you are new to business and want to:

Design a new product

Start a new business

Explore new skills


If you already have a business and want to:

Scale your product

Grow your business

Sharpen your expertise


We are here to help you!

Spinon is a 2-month program and a lifelong community to join! You’ll find expert feedbacks, build relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs and track your growth while moving your business forward.

Why Spinon?

We are developing Spinon to help entrepreneurs of all levels stay committed to their goals, master their skills, get feedback from experts and develop a network with like-minded entrepreneurs that will exist indefinitely.​


Personalized development tasks are picked to improve your weak points and solidify your strengths. 

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Dedicated Weekly follow-up

with progress forms are supported with expert feedbacks, to track and boost your success.

A Community Forever
to share your news, goals, and get help with your challenges when you need it.

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Practice Your Knowledge. Track Your Growth. Create Impact .


How It Works?


Fill the application form and introduce yourself to us!

Program Start

Accepted teams will be announced and invited to the group

Submit Weekly Progress

& Get Feedbacks

Fill weekly form to improve your business with weekly mentor feedbacks.

Bonfire & WaterCooler Events

Participating entrepreneurs participate in weekly events designed to improve peer support.

Go Forward!



Can anyone join?

Yes! Every entrepreneur can join Spinon after being evaluated by our application process. Once you are accepted, based on your startup performance and activity with the community you get access to exclusive groups, trainings and programs that help you go even further.

Does Spinon provide training content?

No! Spinon is all about execution. There is a world of knowledge and content about entrepreneurship on the internet. We help you identify your challenges and while working on each topic, we handpick and share some of the most relevant content to you that can help your learning.

Can I access investment?

Once a valid track record of your startup is created in the system, we introduce entrepreneurs to channels that help them find investors, partners and customers all around the world.


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