What is GameFi?

GameFi is a facilitated community of designers, developers, and gamers looking to build game ecosystems and NFT markets around their games.

What you will learn

Over this program, you will learn and apply the skills necessary to :

  • Develop an engaging game

  • Build a community

  • Build a marketplace

  • launch your own NFT project around the game you have built.

By joining the Spinon GameFI project, you take the first step to build an NFT project that grows in community, and value.

How to create a game

How to create  NFT inside your game


1st week

  • Introduction of the program

  • Presentation on Game Sector and what future looks like with NFTs?

  • Learn what you will have at the end of the program

  • Q&A Session

Week 1

Join us WorldBuilders

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What is Spinon?

Spinon offer a facilitated community of people who practice their skills in building new projects, products or businesses. Get peer support, showcase your progress, engage with experts, track your development.

Spinon is a home to independent creators who will no longer lack drive or inspiration.