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Create an adventure with our facilitated community of  

designers, developers, and gamers

and build games with  NFT features

Share your story with us!

Learn through practice!

No lectures

14 weeks time commitment friendly

All process will be online and in English

Targeted resources

Start build your world in April 2022


  • No coding experience

  • No ideas or concepts

  • Looking to explore


  • Development experience

  • Solopreneur looking for structure

  • Looking for community

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Open to all creatives at heart!

How It Works?

  •  Total 14 weeks journey 

    •   8 weeks for learning basics of coding, 4 weeks for game design and economics and 2 weeks for finalize your first NFT integrated game

  • Meetups with Guest Experts  

  • Publish and build your community with your cohort  

Build your world now!

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Share your story with us!


Week 1-2-3-4

Archi's Academy

Week 1 - Introduction to the blockchain, web3.0.
Week 2 - Difference between Bitcoin, Ethereum,

and different standards such as ERC 20, ERC 721.

Week 3 - Tech stack which we will be having for

Web 3.0 and different frameworks.

Week 4 - Introduction to solidity and smart contracts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does GameFi ?

Game Finance is an area that crosses game dynamics and digital economics. With the tools available with Web3 game developers can create new dynamics. Gamefi is one of the first programmes focused on helping designers unleash their creativity.

How is the programme going to be run ?

Programme is run completely online. English is the main language. You will need a good access to internet. All tools used will be online. Most meetings held will be live but recorded sessions will be shared.

What does the programme include ?

Program includes an engaging14 Weeks where each week with a facilitator you will practice and build a virtual world and learn to integrate smart contracts into game assets. Our approach is practice oriented.

What is the timezone for online meetings ?

Online meetings will be held Thursdays 19:00 (GMT+3) Our discord group will be active all throughout the week.

Who is the facilitator team ?

Facilitator team is a mix of software, designers and economists. In addition to facilitators we will have guest speakers with areas of tech solutions, game design, world building.

What is necessary skills to join the programme ?

For those who would like to learn coding you can join the prerequisite Archies programme. For those only interested in world building can directly join the game design part. No particular skill is required but knowledge in game design and basic coding language will be helpful.

What is the timetable ?

Save your calendar for the first week of April 2022. Programme will end in mid July. Next chapter will start in Fall 2022.

Can I join with my partner ?

Yes you may join with a partner and work together.

Do you offer scholarships ?

We don’t but we can help you get one. You can download our template here and we will provide visibility to your sponsor on our webpage.