We are looking for new team members to join our team in the journey of creating the future of education!

We are a team with over 10 years of experience in shaping the entrepreneurship ecosystem of Turkey and beyond. Now, we are moving beyond to make an impact on the global education.

As Spinon, we offer a facilitated community of people who practice their skills in building new projects, products or businesses. They get peer support, showcase their progress, engage with experts, and track their development. Spinon is a home to independent creators who will no longer lack drive or inspiration.


Internship Opportunities


We are looking for new team members to join as interns that are curious, motivated, and ambitious in making an impact together, and learn with us along the way!


Fill in the form if any of the qualities below match your interest:

Future Community and Engagement Leader

   As future community and engaement leader, you get excited about bringing together groups of people, helping them share their experiences with each other, understand their needs and build activities to enable them socialize and grow as individuals and together. 


   When you join the Spinon team, you will learn and lead us in building relationships with members of Spinon to create sustainable engagements and help them have a fulfilling experience.

We expect you to be:

  • Curious about social interactions and how to increase them

  • Passionate about helping people improve as individuals and in their skills

  • Friendly, with good social skills, and disciplined in your journey of creating a loyal community committed to learning

Future Talent and Education Leader

   As future talent and education leader, you get excited about learning new things and sharing them with others. You are curious about how people think, learn and create, and finding ways to transform their experiences excite you.


   In your journey as part of the Spinon team, you will learn and practice how to analyze and improve learners, their skills, and resources. You will be helping in researching educational materials on a variety of topics and design processes that would help members improve better as individuals and groups.

We expect you to be:

  • Curious about how people learn and practice their learning  

  • Passionate about researching and sharing them with others

  • You enjoy designing and leading workshops and training activities

Future Growth and Sales Leader

   As future growth and sales leader, you get excited about finding opportunities, communicating with people and building relationships that lead to successful business collaborations. You are disciplined, goal oriented, and focused in your activities to lead your team to success.


   In your journey as part of the Spinon team, you will learn and practice how to understand user audiences, develop sales funnels, and find ways to lead engagements into business collaborations. You will be helping in finding new leads, communicating the value of Spinon, and supporting the team in bringing both organizations and individual members to become part of Spinon.

We expect you to be:

  • Curious about business development and sales practices

  • Passionate about initiating and building relationships for collaborations

  • Disciplined and ambitious in setting goals and reaching them